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HemPrints is one of the leading firms engaged in the distribution & supply of a wide range of exclusive tapes for our clients.

We are capable of offering our clients a customised range of tapes in various colours, sizes, width, thickness & designs, including the company logos, sales messages, instructions, special offers & product merchandising as per the specification provided by the clients, within a stipulated timeframe, at cost- effective rates.

Our foremost priority is to deliver the best & consistent quality product to our clients.

Some of the highlighting features of our tapes are as follows:
1. Durability, Resistance to Tearing & Aging
2. Elasticity, Strong Adhesion & Tenacity
3. Scratch Proof, Shock Proof
4. Moisture proof, High heat & UV Resistance
5. Elasticity, Smooth Texture & Finish

Our product range of BOPP Tapes is given below:

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  • BOPP Adhesive Tapes & Self Adhesive Tapes:

Bopp Adhesive Tapes are basically B.O.P.P. film based tapes that are coated with superior aqueous acrylic adhesive.
These tapes can also be Hot Melt Self- Adhesive tapes for Industrial use.
Applications are for bonding nameplates, film switches, evaporator in refrigerator; bonding between foam & rubber; for household electric appliances & apparatus; for sticking objects in TV, kinescope, loudspeaker net & sound box; bonding nameplates, film switches.
These tapes can also be used as Abrasive Tapes, Carton & Box Sealing Tapes, Safety Tapes, Removable Tapes, Reflective Tapes, Printer Tapes, Medical Tapes, Packing Sealing Tapes, etc.

Product Specifications:
Length: Varies from 40 metres to 1000 metres
Width: 12mm, 18mm, 24mm,36mm,48mm, 60mm, 72mm, 96mm, Etc.
Thickness: Varies from 39 microns to 55 microns

Product Types:
Transparent Self Adhesive Tapes
Brown Self Adhesive Tapes
Plain & Printed Adhesive Tapes
Colour Adhesive Tapes

  • Customised Colour Printed Adhesive Tapes:

Printed packaging tape is a great way to enhance your company’s professional image. These are customised according to client’s requirements. We offer these tapes in corporate colours incorporating the company logos, instructions or messages such as ‘Handle with Care’, ‘Urgent’, ‘This Way Up’ etc. A full design service is also provided by us.
This helps to increase the visibility of the company by promoting the brand. Corporate packaging tape not only looks professional, it is an inexpensive way to advertise your brand and products. The benefits of printed packaging tape are that they make it easy to identify and track your packages, are tamper evident and pilfer proof & reduce the risk of loss. These tapes can be also be used as Polypropylene Tapes & Industrial Tapes.

Product Specifications: (Could be modified on request)
Initial adhesion: steel ball size ≥ #14
Sustained adhesion: 24 hrs
Peer force: 2.5 N/cm
Length: 5-5 0m
Width: 12 mm-1.02 m
Thickness: 36-55 microns

  • Printed Packing Tape

Product Types: Printed Brown Tapes, Printed Transparent Tapes, Printed Packing Tape in Various Colours, Single Colour to Eight Colours Printed Tapes, Office Tapes and Carton Packing Tape.

Product Specifications:
Length: Varies from 40 metres to 1000 metres
Width: 12mm, 18mm, 24mm,36mm,48mm, 60mm, 72mm, 96mm, Etc.

To place an order or to inquire mail at or call on 022-26875473.